Saturday, March 22, 2008

My big question this Easter

I only have a short post for this Easter period. This year I'm a bit disappointed I guess about Easter... and that flows out of the question, what is the most glorifying way to remember what Christ did for us?

It's a question I don't have an answer for. Yesterday I went to both a protestant and a catholic Good Friday service. There were elements in both that I found good and that I felt glorified Christ, but still there was something lacking.

I think we take Good Friday for granted because we know what happened three days later. Maybe His death doesn't seem so awful, so evil and so reprehensible because we know He was raised from the dead on the Sunday.

But for that three days, no one knew He would rise. His body lay rotting in a tomb for three days. For three days He was "with the dead". His disciples and His family would have experienced this as a very real, very normal (although traumatic) death.

If you are anything like me, because we can't see Him in flesh and blood today, it is easy to romanticise Jesus and focus more on His divinity, failing to see how human He was too. And so how heinous His murder was.

I'm really praying this Easter that I can come to learn more of the significance of what He did on the cross. That I might learn how I can best glorify Him and bring Him honour at this time. Quite frankly, I rather wonder whether there is anything that we can do that would bring sufficient glory to His name for what He did at Calvary.

Maybe all we can do is, with Paul say, 'I resolve to know nothing ... except Jesus Christ and him crucified' (1 Cor 2:2)

God bless,

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