Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thoughts from Bloesch - Hearing Not Seeing

I've found a number of interesting thoughts in my reading for Christology (from Bloesch's Jesus Christ: Saviour & Lord) this week. So I'm going to post a few quotes.

“Evangelical Christianity is focused on hearing, not seeing. The kingdom of God is not a visible reality but an invisible one that makes its way in the world through the proclamation of the gospel (cf. Lk 17:20-21). The new theologies speak of imaging God in order to make him real for human experience. Evangelical theology reaffirms the commandment against graven images (Ex 20:4; Deut 5:8) and extends this to a prohibition against mental images of God as well. Because the true God is incomprehensible and invisible, because he infinitely transcends all sight and understanding, he cannot be made known until he makes himself known. And God has made himself known fully and decisively in this one person, Jesus Christ. All other revelations and illuminations are simply clarifications and reaffirmations of this one incomparable revelation in human history. We make contact with Christ only through hearing the gospel about Christ, which we encounter in the Bible and also in the proclamation and ministrations of the church (cf. Rom 10:14-17; 1 Cor 1:21). Luther observed, ‘In order to see God we must learn to put our eyes into our ears.’ This indeed is the biblical way, and all other ways lead to obfuscation and deception.” p237-8

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