Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So the Archbishop of Canterbury does have a spine

It appears that the Archbishop of Canterbury does have a spine, and a moral compass!


It is a good thing that he has stopped pandering to the liberal faction of the Anglican church and has finally called a spade a spade; yes there are divisions in the Anglican church and those divisions were caused by the US & Canadian bishops who have gone against the word of God, and the beliefs and traditions of Anglicanism.

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Edwin said...

He may have a spine, but I'm not so sure about the moral compass.

To me the Archbishop (ABC) seems more like Mikhail Gorbachev. After the fall of the Soviet Empire he still wanted to go forward with Communism in Russia. He ended up as little more than a footnote to subsequent Russian history led by Yeltsin and then Putin.

Likewise, the Apb. is only calling for a "Moratorium" on ordination/consecration of practising homosexuals and the blessing of same-sex unions.

A moratorium is a temporary halt. The "ABC" still sees a united future for the Anglican Communion that incorporates, without significant tension or conflict, on the one hand Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics, and on the other hand the liberals of the western world, with their practising homosexual clergy and same-sex "Marriages.".

The "Moratorium" should also include a call to end litigation by the liberal Dioceses against the parishes which, through conscience, cannot follow their Bishops down the path of abandoning the authority of Scripture.

The "Moratorium" period will end when they have prepared a "Covenant" to be an ongoing instrument of unity. This document will be just as meaningless as the "Moratorium" for two reasons.

1. It will not be binding on anyone. Whoever heard of a Covenant that was not binding? It should be called a "Desperate Pleading." The name "Covenant" is merely another example of weasel words.

2. Several USA Bishops have already gone on record that they will not implement the "Moratorium" in any way, but will proceed full steam ahead with ordinations and blessing ceremonies. It's clearly very likely they will do the same with the "Covenant."

One more thing. the Abp. of Canterbury's "Moratorium" calls on the Global South to stop giving pastoral care to parishes who have been abandoned (and sued, by the way) by their liberal Bishops. It seems now it is an offence against unity to care for the spiritual needs of Christ's sheep. I've looked and looked in chapter 21 of John's gospel, but I just can't find that message anywhere.

Although I can only agree with the theological basis of one side in this dispute, I must say at least both sides are pursuing matters of principle, and I respect them for it.

All who love the Lord Jesus Christ should be in prayer for all the members of the world-wide Anglican Communion. The only hope for a solution to this crisis that will bring glory to God, is that those who are in sin in this conflict will be brought to repentance by a sovereign act of the Holy Spirit of God. Amen.