Saturday, November 29, 2008

Something light hearted...

I was told recently that I never write anything light hearted on my blog... This post seeks to rectify that ;-)

For a long time I have thought that "Grace" was the perfect name for a girl. Its pretty, and its theologically splendiferous. So its been the the mental list for when I (at some point in the not too close future) have kids.

Apparently friends of mine also think Grace is a great name, as they named their new little miracle Grace a few weeks ago.

The other night when I was knee-deep in exegeting Romans 5 for my final assignment for my Exegesis 1 subject I came across the following words in greek:

Eirene - "peace"
Zoe - "life"

So I now think the most perfect name for a little girl would be:
Grace Irene Zoe Walker (my soon to be surname, after wedding next Saturday).

Because that means:
Grace Peace Life Walker

And who would sneeze at GIZW as initials???

My other thought that maybe if you had two daughters calling one "Grace" and the other "Irene" would be like the way Paul signs off many of his epistles:

"Grace & Peace [go to your room] in the name of the Father, and of the Lord Jesus"

Now if that doesn't float your boat, how about:


It sounds like Sara(h) which is Hebrew for princess...
But also since X in greek is pronounced "Ch" is also the greek word "Chara" which means "Joy".
Princess Joy... what girl doesn't need to hear that? And in two of the three biblical languages!

God bless,


Peter said...

first up, I don't think I said that you never write (mumble) on your blog, rather that I never read (mumble) on your blog.

Any, to provide some balance, here are some thoughts on names for a son. To give him the best chance of getting that job, or scholarship, or place in that top sporting team - how about calling him Francis Edward. (hint. check the initials, and look up Matthew 22:14)

Louise New said...

Grace is a great idea for a girl's name. It's beautiful and such a great reminder of why you would have been given the gift of this precious daughter and it also reminds us of why we are saved.

I also think that Francis Edward is an intriguing idea for a boy's name but not so that he gets that job or that scholarship but so that he remembers why he is so important to God (Matthew 22:14).